What we do

We Write Standard Work Instructions
and other Procedures!

ClearStep Technologies employs some of the best procedure writers in the world.  They are trained to write clear, step-by-step instructions that explain how to operate, set up, troubleshoot and maintain machines in factory environments.  These procedures are referred to as Standard Work Instructions.

Our procedures contain one action per step, and every step is photo illustrated to help people visualize how to perform tasks.  This approach achieves 100% comprehension and helps new people learn to run machines faster and safer.

The knowledge documented in our procedures comes from experienced people in our Client’s workforce and Original Equipment Manufacturers.  ClearStep personnel turn raw knowledge into illustrated procedures that everyone can understand.

Electronic Procedures can be stored on the Plant Network where they are instantly available to workers any time 24/7.  Best of all, knowledge stored on the Plant network can’t be stolen, lost, or locked in somebody’s toolbox.

We Field Training Courses!
Illustrated procedures help people visualize how to perform tasks, so we use them as the foundation for our technical training programs.  This helps people learn faster and speeds up training.

Our training programs teach people how to properly run machines and equipment.  Our Courses are SCORM-compliant and can be used for initial factory training, refresher training, or task certification training. They are designed to be used in Train-the-Trainer programs or as standalone self-paced courses.

We perform Technical Translations!
We perform technical translations from English to Mexican Spanish and other languages.  Our translators are fluent in English and the target language, and are skilled at translating technical terms.

We Field Learning Management Systems!
If our client’s already have a Learning Management System, we can work with it. If they don’t have one, we can recommend one that fits their needs. 

Learning Management Systems track which personnel need what kinds of training within a company.  They help plant supervisors administer training whenever it is needed, such as when a new person reports into an area.

Omnibus Learning™ V6.0 is our preferred Training Delivery Tool. It is an award winning software product from KnowledgeXtensions Inc.  The tool includes a SCORM-compliant Learning Management System (LMS) that allows managers to track a student’s progress throughout the training process.  The LMS also notifies people when they need recertification or refresher training.

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