Delivery Formats
Web-based Step/Graphic Format
Web-based procedures are easiest to view in this patented format.  The current step is always displayed (along with its reinforcing graphics).  This prevents people from getting lost in long procedures.

H.264 and MPEG-4 Video
(Palm, iPod, iPhone Video Format)

Procedures are explained using our exclusive ClearStep Video process.  Voice is provided by a professional voice-model and is recorded in a high quality sound booth.

We create a custom “playlist” for each machine that contains the commonly used operations, setup, maintenance, troubleshooting, calibration and changeover procedures. 

Long procedures are sub-divided into 5-to-15 step sub-tasks that are listed sequentially in the playlist.  This makes it faster for people to look up individual sub-tasks within a procedure.

Procedures can be printed on paper using our PDF Print function.

Traditional Paper Manuals
Paper manuals have been around for a long time and some people are more comfortable with them.  We still create them electronically, and they have the accuracy and detail found in all products from ClearStep Technologies.

Online Self-Paced Training
We use the award winning Omnibus Learning Training Software.  It is SCORM compliant and makes authoring courses as easy as using MS-Word. 

It comes with a powerful Learning Management System that helps Training Personnel keep track of who needs training, while it tracks which students have completed training and how well they did. 



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